Our Technology

B.I. Xpress: So much More than a Courier Service...

To make errors, is only human… So at B.I. Xpress we’ve taken this human factor into consideration and created a easy to use web based system that reduces the typical kind of errors that generally occur.

Here below is a summary of just some of the foremost benefits you will enjoy when making use of the sophisticated B.I. Xpress technology…

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    No more calls into a call centre,faxing, emailing, or spelling your name!

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    Costing to specific projects/ matters and or GL codes

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    Contact database

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    Special instructions text box that is visible at all times

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    Substantially reduced errors in recipient details or important information

Live information transfer

A client just has to log in and capture a delivery request online. The system then automatically creates a waybill number that remains part of every process throughout. The B.I Xpress consultant who deals with the account is notified of the request… and can view the details and instructions, just as the client has entered it. This reduces the chances of waybills, recipient details and important delivery instructions being captured (or written down) incorrectly and being erroneously channeled accordingly.

Non-destructible records of waybills

Unlike manual waybills which have carbon copies that fade over time, all B.I. Xpress waybills are stored on a server.
This makes it possible for clients to generate computer-printed copies or save non-destructible versions of it electronically.